Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing - Hilltop Products

Heat shrink tubing is a tube of what ordinarily seems like plastic or rubber. The magic happens when you apply heat! Once the material is heated it begins to shrink to tighten and mould round whatever it is places over. Heat shrink tubing is usually used in the electrical trade to secure over spliced connections to not only insulate them but also protect them from moisture and stop the circuit shortening out.

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is the exact same, apart from obviously it’s lined with an adhesive. This makes it perfect when sealing over connections as this type of heat shrink tubing is a little less flexible so it is more suited to lager diameter wires but the process is the exact same as standard heat shrink tubing.


The product can be manufactured out of many materials but the two most common are nylon or polyolefin. These are the perfect materials for manufacturing adhesive lined heat shrink tubing due to their properties. They are flexible but yet durable and of course, they shrink when heat is applied to them. The materials are blended together with a little heat and then it is all forced through an extruder to form the tube shape. It is then lined with adhesive and the final product can be cut to reasonable lengths and then shipped out around the world.

During the mixing of the ingredients and materials to make the tubing it is common practise to add some colouring, whether it be green, red or blue. This is all an attempt to make the installer’s (usually an electrician) life easier as this allows them to colour code their work and keep all the wires organised and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is also useful if you should ever have a fault in the near future as you will be able to identify where the connections are and what the connections are for.


The reason adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is more preferred when it comes to electrical connections it because it adds the extra layer of security. There is no chance of the wires slipping apart from each other due to the adhesive keeping them tightly locked together and when heat is applied and the tubing shrinks the connection only gets tighter.

The installer will, after completing what needs to be done, apply the tubing to the electrical connection making sure the conductor if the connection is complete inside the tube otherwise it would be defeating the point. Once they are happy the will apply heat either from a heat gun, blow torch or a lighter (although a lighter is frowned upon). The adhesive lined heat shrink tubing will shrink tightly around the connection and the adhesive will tightly form making a strong secure connection.