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Adhesive Heat shrink Tubing

What is it?

Adhesive heat shrink tubing is a product normally used in the electrical industry to seal over splicing, harness breakouts and sealing cable ends against moisture.

How does it work?

Normally comes in either a pre cut lengths or as a roll. With an adhesive backing on the inside the user would place the tubing over the electrical ends they are trying to seal. Then using a heat source such as a blow torch they then would delicately pass the heat over the tube to begin the shrinking process.
Usually made out of nylon or polyolefin and extruded during the manufacturing process. The reason the adhesive heat shrink tubing shrinks when heated is because as the user add heat it loosens the molecules in the plastic tubing and want to return to the size they were before manufacturing. Think of it as like an elastic band. When you stretch it naturally wants to return to its un-stretched position.

Manufacturing process

Adhesive heat shrink tubing is manufactured from thermoplastic materials and made in many different colours, shapes and sizes giving the customer the ability to colour code wiring which helps a lot when working with electrics.

Most heat shrink tubing is made for the purpose of insulation in mind but companies have started to produce adhesive heat shrink tubing with a conductive metal strip inside to rule out the need of soldering wire before applying the adhesive heat shrink tubing but, some consider this bad practice and workmanship.