Have you tried our H420 range of EPDM cold shrink tubing? If you haven’t it might be time to give it a try. It offers high quality reliable insulation and sealing protection for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications and it doesn’t require a costly and potentially harmful heat source like a blow torch or heat gun.

The trick is that the tubing is already shrunk but has been stretched over a removable core. All you have to do is put the tubing into position and remove the core. In seconds the tubing fastens tight creating a moisture resistant seal around any connection or cable.

And that is that. Still unconvinced? Here are ten reasons to give EPDM rubber cold shrink tubing a shot:

  1. Cold shrink tubing can be used as primary electrical insulation for all rubber and plastic insulated wire or cable splicing up to 1000 volts.
  2. But it isn’t just an electrical insulator. It provides physical protection and complete moisture resistance, making it perfect for couplings, connectors, hoses and terminal lugs.
  3. Need cable jacket and sheath repairs? Yep, cold shrink is ideal for that too.
  4. Cold shrink provides environmental sealing communication connectors too and boasts many non-electrical applications.
  5. When non-pressurised hoses and conduits have been damaged, a length of EPDM can provide an airtight and waterproof seal.
  6. As a strong environmental protector, these products can safeguard fittings and couplings against corrosion.
  7. Forget water and electricity, cold shrink tubing is also resistant to high temperatures…
  8. …and UV light and ozone damage.

Our H420 EPDM rubber cold shrink tubing has an operating temperature range of -66°F (-55°C) to 500°F (260°C) and withstands heavy moisture including direct splashes. There are many reasons to try cold shrink tubing that we really needn’t continue. It’s simply up to you to try it out.

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