PVC tubing is the most economical insulation method for wire harness applications, but since PVC is a soft substance with a low durometer, it is only suitable for temperatures up to around 105°C.

Still, it remains the best priced option and is ideal for many applications. It also has another benefit, because its thin walls make it the best option for insulating wires in areas where very little space is available.

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  1. Teflon tubing

TFE or FEP Teflon tubing is also popular when high temperature requirements are in play. Teflon tubing is rated to 204°C for FEP tubing and 260°C for TFE. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also one of the best options available for chemical resistance.

  1. Fibreglass tubing

Fibreglass sleeving is braided and available in a number of coatings to meet different requirements, including temperature and electrical resistances. The type of coating, particularly the thickness, determines the grade of the tubing.

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