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Neoprene Rubber Bungs NB009 / Stopper No 9

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Neoprene Rubber Bungs NB009 / Stopper No 9
Grey Solid Stopper No 9 size 9/11.5mm - HARDNESS 46/55 IRHD

Various Pack Sizes

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Excl. VAT: £0.99 Incl. VAT: £1.19
Product Info


Grey Solid Neoprene Rubber Bung Stopper No 7

Size 9mm Bottom, 11.5mm Top and 20mm Length.

To Standard BS2775:1978 (1992).

Neoprene stoppers have better resistance to heat, ozone and petroleum based oils than red rubber but are less suitable for low temperature use.

Operate at temperature ranging -30°C to 100°C.

Stoppers for tubes and bottles made from rubber. Can be supplied with hole upon request for tubes to pass through see below sizes that can have this service.

Each stopper has a moulded-in number, corresponding to the bottom diameter in millimetres.

Hole Drilling:

Natural rubber stoppers can be supplied with holes, see below sizes:

3 and 4: Supplied solid only

5 to 8: 1 hole of 3mm

9 to 105: 1 hole of 5mm

15 to 105: 2 holes of 5mm

Please note that the Bungs can be supplied with pre drilled holes, however they are not stocked as standard. This is a separate process and therefore Bungs with predrilled holes are more bespoke.

Please advise as to your order requirements and we will by return advise on the current availability and lead time.  On occasion this lead time can be a relatively short turn-around, typically 7 - 10 days is the norm, occasionally certain smaller bungs with holes maybe subject to a Minimum order quantity to make the process economically viable.


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