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Modular 5 Mph Speed Bump/Ramp System

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Modular 5 Mph Speed Bump/Ramp System

Our 5 Mph Modular Speed Ramp Systems come as a full kit, Now supplied with New Universal Fixings suitable for Concrete and Tarmac installations. Our kits come with individual black and yellow hazard segments and 2 end pieces. 

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Excl. VAT: £115.99 Incl. VAT: £139.19

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Excl. VAT: £115.99 Incl. VAT: £139.19
Product Info


Made with Recycled rubber, our 5 Mph Speed ramps are an excellent way to reduce risk of collisions and to calm traffic in working & pedestrianised areas. 

  • Pack Contains Individual Sections & End Pieces.
  • Effectively reduces vehicle speed to approx 5mph
  • The central slot allows 25 x 25 mm cables to run underneath ramp mid sections
  • Cats eyes in ramp midsections.
  • 5000kg per axle weight capacity.
  • Now supplied with New Universal Fixings suitable for Concrete and Tarmac installations.

Our speed ramps can be used to calm traffic, forcing the driver to control their speed. Our 10 Mph Speed Ramp System acts as a calming measure in less hazard-prone areas, whilst our 5 Mph Speed Ramp System is excellent for pedestrianised areas, such as car parks.

Our products allow businesses to show their commitment to employee and customer safety and are a small cost to pay for the benefits they provide.

These ramps are excellent for use in car parks, shopping centres, schools & industrial estates.

Whilst, not a legal requirement we would recommend that you also add signage to any road where road bumps are to be used and also advise road users of the recommended speed limit.


Depth: 400mm

Height: 70mm

Material: Rubber



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