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Xpert SK2 Universal Mitre Shear / Trim Shear / Gasket Shear Cutter

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Xpert SK2 Universal Mitre Shear / Trim Shear / Gasket Shear Cutter

Xpert SK2 Mitre Cutter, ideal for cutting gasket, small plastic, wooden trims and decorative trunking!

Cuts Angles Up To 45°! Easy-to-Use Cutter! Blades are Easily Replaced for Maximum Efficiency! Base Plate Angle Markings!

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Excl. VAT: £11.99 Incl. VAT: £14.39
Product Info


Xpert SK2 Universal Mitre Shear / Trim Shear / Gasket Shear Cutter

The Xpert SK2 is a brilliantly designed Shear that blends simple, easy-to-use cutting with expert-level accuracy! It's anvil base place keeps the shear stable to cut at a precise angle, said angles marked along the base. 
Angles up to 45° can be efficiently cut with these Shears! This allows for a wide range of uses & applications, from tight-angled seals to larger plastics. Almost an all-in-one tool when it comes to cutting/shearing!

Ideally used with our Decorative Cable Trunking sizes 16mm & 30mm.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accepts trims blades or even Stanley Blades
  • Blade replaced with stanley blade by taking screw out on top side of cutter
  • Cushion grip handles for extra comfort
  • Multi angled base 90" - 45"
  • Ideal for cutting gasket, small plastic and wooden trims along with trunking

How to Use:

  • To unlock Mitre Shear, flip the safety lock into the down position to open jaws.
  • To cut 45° angles, place the wood / plastic against the guard and lined up with the 45° mark on the face.
  • To cut any other angles, line the wood up with the appropriate angle mark on the fence.
  • Always keep the jaws locked down when the Mitre Shear is not in use.


  •  Cutting Gasket.
  • Small Plastic or Wood Cutting.
  • PVC Cutting.
  • Conservatory & Flooring Uses.
Base Plate Angle Markings 45° to 90°
Blade Type SK2 utility knife blade
Material Steel
Size (l x w h) 220mm x 75mm x 70mm
Application Cutting of rubber, plastic, leather and strip wood.
Maximum Material Height 15mm
Maximum Cut Length 50mm
Maximum Material Width 50mm (90° cut), 35mm (45° cut)

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