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CEMBRE ME14-50 Hexagonal Die Set (70mm²)

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CEMBRE ME14-50 Hexagonal Die Set (70mm²)

Hexagonal Crimping - The most common kind of crimping for cable lugs and cable connectors, for medium/high voltage power cables and systems.

Part Number: ME14-50 (70mm²)

Compatible with HT51, B51 and B500E crimping tools.

1 Set
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Product Info


CEMBRE ME14-50 Hexagonal Die Set 70SQmm

 Part No: ME14-50


In daily practise, hexagonal crimping is the most common kind of crimping of cable lugs and cable connectors for medium/high voltage power cables and systems.

Hexagonal in design and are a 2 part semi-slotted type common to most Cembre Crimping Tools - Hexagonal cable crimping dies enable a force of up to 130kN to be applied to stranded copper cables at both low and high voltages. The electrical industry-standard crimping tool is the Cembre HT131-C which employs hexagonal compression dies up to 400sqmm, the Cembre ME range of die sets.

The crimp is characterised by a centrical and constant force effect applied during the crimping operation from all sides and creating a larger contact area.

A professional hexagonal crimp generally requires the use of crimping dies which match sizes of conductors and connecting material. That means that cable lugs and connectors need to correspond to the dimensions of the conductor and crimping die.

An incorrect combination can lead to low compression – excess compression crimps with potentially fatal consequences: Faulty cable crimps and lugs can lead to increased contact resistance with the rise of temperatures which in the worst case can cause a fire.

These crimping dies are precisely manufactured and guarantee a constant and neat deformation of copper or aluminium. Prior to the cable crimping operation, the electrical engineer or cable joint must ensure that the conductors need to be brushed to achieve a metallic clean surface and that oxide layers have to be removed from the aluminium cables.


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