Leister Pup Uniplan E Kit 30mm Overlap 120V Roof Machine, Welds PVC Banners and Coatings (NEW001)

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Leister Pup Uniplan E Kit 30mm Overlap 120V Roof Machine, Welds PVC Banners and Coatings (NEW001)

SPECIAL OFFER - ONLY 1 LEFT IN STOCK!!! - BRAND NEW KIT : The Leister Uniplan Roof is the convenient tool for overlap welding of roof sheeting made from PVC, TPO, ECB, EPDM and CSPE. Roofing Welder

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The Leister UNIPLAN-E reputation is second to none when it comes to welding PVC coated or reinforced materials such as those used in making PVC banners, lorry tarpaulins, manufacturing marquee's or inflatable structures such as tennis domes or sports hall coverings; in fact the Leister Uniplan E is so versatile that it foms the core basis machine for several other of the Leister automatic welding machine range.

This Kit Includes:

  • Leister Uniplan 30mm 120V Machine
  • Storage Case
  • Handle
  • Weigth Kit
  • Extra Weights

The UNIPLAN-E will impress with its ease of use and speed in which it will weld banners and materials either on the bench top, or on the floor by means of a handy extension handle (Optional) to make it easier for the operator.

As with all the latest Leister automatic welding machines the UNIPLAN-E is a digitally controlled machine with easy to configure digital settings and controls for drive speed and temperature.


Key Features:

  • Compact, lightweight and handy
  • High welding speeds up to 7.5 metres/min
  • Digitally controlled & reproducible results
  • Highly versatlie for many applications


Known commonly as the "Pup" or "Leister Pup"



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