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Ineos PVC Compound 20kg Yellow Pellets

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Ineos PVC Compound 20kg Yellow Pellets

Ineos PVC Compound. These PVC plastic pellets are ROHS compliant and contain very low to zero lead. This is a quality product from a leading manufacturer and has many applications including wire & cable, construction and crafts.

20kg bag
Excl. VAT: £47.50 Incl. VAT: £57.00
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Ineos ™ FC2565CSM is a flexible polyvinyl chloride material PVC. Available in Europe for extrusion.  

Important attributes of Ineos ™ FC2565CSM are:

  • Good flexibility
  • Low to 0 lead content
  • RoHS Compliant

Flexible extrusion compound for cable sheathing & general purpose extrusion with a satin finish. BS 7655:2000 Type TI2/TM2. ISO 6722:2002. Class A. Formulated without lead-based additives.

This popular thermoplastic can be used for a number of applications and is predominant in the construction industry due to its low production cost. It does not have to be welded and can be connected with the use of joints, solvent cement and special glues key points that highlight its installation flexibility. The material is also present in the electrical components such as electrical insulation, wires, and cable coatings.

PVC plastic pellets are also widely used in soft toys, teddy bears and bean bags as a stuffing.

BS Softness BS 2782 365A   30
Shore A Hardness (15 sec) BS 2782 365B   84
Tensile strength BS EN 60811-1 1.1 N/mm 15.8
Retention after ageing at 80°C for 7 days BS EN 60811-1 1.1 % 93
Elongation BS EN 60811-1 1.2 % 254
Retention after ageing at 80°C for 7 days BS EN 60811-1 1.1 % 99
Loss of mass (80°C for 7 days) BS EN 60811-3 1.2 mg/cm² 0.2
Cold flex BS 2782 150B Deg c -25
Cold bend BS 2782 151A Deg c -35

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