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Replacement Wire for HILLCUTTER-51 Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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Replacement Wire for HILLCUTTER-51 Hot Wire Foam Cutter
Replacement Wire for HILLCUTTER-51 Hot Wire Foam Cutter. Fast and easy to replace the wire.
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Excl. VAT: £12.92 Incl. VAT: £15.50
Product Info


This is a replacement wire for the Hot Wire Foam Cutter - HILLCUTTER-51

Information on our HILLCUTTER-51 Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Our HILLCUTTER-51 Easycutter Hot Wire Foam Cutter will get those unwieldy blocks or sheets of Styrofoam knocked down to manageable sizes.

Widely used by everyone from Sculptors to Roofers. It is ideal for cutting Styrofoam and Similar synthetic insulating materials.

This Hot Wire Cutter comes attached to measuring table that would be ideal for vertical and angled cuts. Millimeter-precise adjustment of the cutting angle, thanks to the attached scale. Limit stop rider is available only with Easycutter.

Can be used both horizontally (e.g. on a stack of polystyrene slabs), standing (e.g. on the scaffold), leaned against the wall or attached to the scaffold rail with the optionally available scaffold bracket.

Electric connection of the transformer to the strap using very high-quality, splash-proof, XLR industrial plug connectors.

  • Cut length: 1,300mm
  • Cut depth:310mm
  • Slab support surface: 1,000mm
  • Bow adjustment range: 0-90 degree
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
  • Laminated wood glued together: 1,700 x 270 x 120mm (L x W x D)
  • Transformer power with thermo-protection: 37V / 200 Watt 230V - 50/60 HZ / IP 68

Benefits compared to the standard bow cutters include:

  • Measuring table ensures accurate vertical cuts
  • Table set up also allows accurate angled cuts
  • A defined depth of cut can be set, to ensure accurate cut out of blocks.

Can also be used in building and packaging industry.

Note: Heated Wire expands when hot. If the spring is too tight the wire may break restricting operation of mechanism. If too loose, the cut will be sloppy. Readjustment of tension may be necessary from time to time.



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