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CEMBRE HT-TC026 Hydraulic Cutting Tool

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CEMBRE HT-TC026 Hydraulic Cutting Tool

Hand-Operated Hydraulic CEMBRE Tool specifically designed to cut Copper, aldrey, Aluminum & More! Perfect for Underground Cables & Overhead Lines. 

DOUBLE SPEED Action Feature! Manufactured from HIGH STRENGTH Steel to ensure longer life!

Various Pack Sizes

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Excl. VAT: £709.99 Incl. VAT: £851.99
  • Buy 2 for £690.00 (£828.00 incl. tax) each
Product Info


CEMBRE HT-TC026 Hydraulic Cutting Tool

The HT-TC026 tool features a double speed action: a fast advancing speed setting for the rapid approach of the blades to the cable and a slower more powerful speed for cutting.

These CEMBRE blades are manufactured from high strength steel then heat-treated to ensure longer service life. The tool head can also rotate through 180 degrees, to enable the most comfortable position for the user allowing for maximum efficiency in your application.

If that wasn't enough, HT-TCO26 features an automatic safety valve to bypass oil when reaching maximum pressure; a pressure release device can also be operated at any stage of operation. Work efficiently & work safely!

Dimensions (mm)

  • Max Cutting Ø mm: 25.
  • Length: 382 mm.
  • Width: 129 mm.
  • Weight kg: 3,2kg.

Best for Cutting:

  • Copper,
  • Aldrey
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium-steel cables
  • Steel Ropes with a maximum overall cable diameter of 1 inch (25mm).

Dimensions mm

  • Max Cutting Ø mm: 25
  • Length: 382 mm
  • Width: 129 mm
  • Weight kg: 3,2kg


  • Type: Canvas bag
  • Dimensions mm: 430×155
  • Weigth kg: 0,15


Cutting Capacity


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