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HILBAS Thermal Exhaust Pipe Insulation Expandable Sleeve 50mm Diameter

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HILBAS Thermal Exhaust Pipe Insulation Expandable Sleeve 50mm Diameter
This expandable thermal exhaust basalt sleeve provides insulation and protection without the need for securing ties or fasteners. Offers superior thermal insulation along long runs of exhaust pipe from the engine to the catalytic converter.
Various Pack Sizes Available. Supplied in continuous lengths.

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Excl. VAT: £21.67 Incl. VAT: £26.00

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Excl. VAT: £21.67 Incl. VAT: £26.00
Product Info


Exhaust Pipe Insulation

Hilltop Products offer a special thick wall Basalt sleeve, manufactured to increase the efficiency of bus and truck exhausts by offering superior thermal insulation along long runs of exhaust pipe from the engine to the catalytic converter. The Basalt sleeve can operate at 750ºC and is designed to keep the exhaust gases hotter as they enter the catalytic converter, as well as to protect sensitive electronic equipment which can sometimes be routed close to the exhaust due to space restrictions

Government legislation has been introduced to encourage reduced exhaust emissions on all new build heavy vehicles. This means that all new trucks and buses must be designed to have more efficient exhaust systems in order to reduce the release of particulates into the atmosphere. These efforts will transform cities worldwide by reducing black soot particles.

In addition to vehicles, there is often a need to cover exhausts on generators to provide additional silencing or protection for personnel against possible contact with the hot exhaust. Insulating sleeves are also popular on performance motor engines including motorsport where the principle of keeping the exhaust gases hot helps boost engine performance.

Provides a highly conformable fit which is expandable, allowing ease of fitment over awkward shapes. No need for additional steel cable ties to secure it in place. Most effective and efficient than any wraparound product. Exhaust insulation sleeves are designed to help keep exhaust gases as hot as possible as they flow through the exhaust to catalytic converters, this increases burn efficiency and helps to reduce emissions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly conformable/expandable
  • Continuous thermal protection up to 750°C
  • Thick single wall construction provides optimal coverage and will not snag on exhaust welds
  • Highly resistant to oils, fluids, fuels, acids, alkalis and moisture
  • Provides protection to sensitive electrical wiring and components close to the exhaust
  • Good abrasion resistant
  • Nominal wall thickness 4mm

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