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CEMBRE Crimpstar HF 1 Ratchet Crimping Tool

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CEMBRE Crimpstar HF 1 Ratchet Crimping Tool

Ergonomic manual tools for precision, quality and reliability. Designed for crimping electrical connections, the 13 models can crimp insulated terminals and connectors. These tools are designed for technicians and installers. HF 1 is used for conductor sizes 0.5 to 4 sqmm - open barrel brass terminals. 

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The ratchet controlled tools in the Crimpstar® range, are compact, lightweight and easy to use. Features include:

  • High precision investment casting jaws made of specially treated steel
  • Ratchet control to ensure precise crimping.
  • Emergency device to allow for jaws opening at any stage of operation.
  • Toggle action leverage to reduce operator effort.
  • Automatic handles opening after crimping operation
  • Ergonomically designed moulded plastic grips.
  • To open jaws in case of emergency push the release lever as indicated
  • Several combinations of kits including tool and relative connectors are available

HF 1 -  Used for open Barrel Brass Terminals -  conductor sizes 0.5 to 4 sqmm. 

Technical Characteristics

Length 9.23 in.

2.87 in.

Height 0.72 in.
Weight 1.12 lbs.
Type of action Crimp
Colour (Moulded) Black-Blue
Material (Body) Special steel
Material (Moulded) Bicomponent plastic grips

 Technical Features:

  • Treated steel crimp jaws with high mechanical properties.
  • Factory-set ratchet for crimping control (automatic handle opening upon completion of crimping operation.)
  • Emergency release lever which, if necessary, opens the crimp jaws before their complete closure.
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip moulded plastic grips.




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