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Elements For Automatic Hot Knife Cutting Machine / System

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Elements For Automatic Hot Knife Cutting Machine / System

Elements for the Automatic Hot Knife Cutting Machine/System. To view the machine this roller is for click HERE

Various Pack Sizes

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Excl. VAT: £149.99 Incl. VAT: £179.99
  • Buy 2 for £142.49 (£170.99 incl. tax) each
  • Buy 3 for £135.36 (£162.43 incl. tax) each
Product Info


Elements for the Automatic Hot Knife Cutter. 

The Automatic Hot Knife Cutter is a reliable and efficient machine, perfect for accurate and clean cuts when used. These brand new elements will make sure to keep your machine working when under stress. To be used as a back-up or a replacement these elements will provide the much-needed structure for efficient cutting.

Some information on our Automatic Hot Knife Cutters:

Built with an adjustable temperature to provide optimal performance and automatic job stop when the end of the material is reached. Because the hot knife melts the end of the tape/material, cutting is sealed neatly without fraying.

This cutter has a maximum cutting width of 90mm allowing the potential for a wide range of materials to be cut using it. Materials can also be cut parallel to each other to increase productivity. There is also an emergency stop button. 


  • Reliable heat cutter for basic hot cutting works
  • Cut length is accurate owing to a stepping motor
  • For light and medium synthetic webbing and tubing
  • Set-length, set-qty & set-speed are not erased even if machine is reset.
  • Adjustable cutting temperature
  • Max. cutting width 90mm
  • Auto-stop on end of material
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
Spare or Replacements in the Automatic Hot Knife Cutting Machine / System

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