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Cembre MG3 MarkinGenius Printer

Cembre MG3 MarkinGenius Printer

Markingenius® MG3 is a High Speed, High Resolution Industrial printer based on thermal transfer technology, capable of producing tags for cables, pipes and tubes; terminal block markers and legends and labels for all electrical panels, components and equipment.

All Cembre MG media can be printed with monocolour Windows True Type fonts at high speed.

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Markingenius® MG3 has been exclusively designed by Cembre for the identification of conductors and electrical components. This High-Speed High-Resolution printer based on thermal transfer technology has been designed for customer ease, it is compact, ergonomic, clean and quiet, making the entire system suitable for the office or in the production area since no special hardware or set up instructions are required.

It is a plug and play system with the GENIUSPRO® software that is simple to use by anyone. It features easy data insertion, over 10 types of counters, numerous ways to import data, help functions and more.

The MG3 Thermal Print System is versatile and will print over 20 categories of labels, legends, markers and strips for just about any industrial application. Some of the more popular types we can provide for printing in the MG3 include:

• Wire Markers • Cable Tags • Component Labels • Panel Legends

• Switch Labels • Warning Labels • Relay Labels Panel • Name Plates

• Connector Labels • PLC Legends • Anti-Tamper Labels • Data Rack Legends

• Circuit Breaker Labels • PCB Terminal Block Labels

The MG3 Thermal Print System will print 112 tags or labels in less than 12 seconds. The labels can be handled as soon as they come out and used immediately.

The MG3 Thermal Print System can print 300 X 600 dpi resolution which makes the printer even more valuable to your operation. It can print barcodes, logo's, schematics, symbols, pictures, clip art and much more thereby allowing you to add more visual value to your equipment. The industrial-grade ink dries instantaneously and will not wipe off even in the harshest of industrial environments.

Each ribbon will print approximately 300,000 MG-TPMF 4x10 mm cable tags with full printable surface coverage due to the dual-motor drive system. By moving the template and the ribbon separately.

Once the ribbon is totally used the carriage type loading system allows for quick and easy replacement.

Price Includes:

Free Delivery

Full Support Guarantee for the lifetime of the machine, with a courtesy printer when yours is broken.

Demos available.


  • • Panel Design & Building
  • • Crane Design & Building
  • • Industrial Machinery Builders
  • • Cable Harness Designers
  • • Industrial Automotive
Print Resolution DPI300
Printing Method Thermal Transfer
Print Speed Maximum (mm/s) 125
Print Width Maximum (mm) 105.6
Label Width (mm) 10 - 110
Liner Width (mm) 10 - 110
Continuous Heat Shrink Tube (mm) 4 - 85
Label without Backfeed (mm) 20
Label Height up to (mm) 2000
Media Roll Core Diameter (mm) 38 - 100
Ink Side Outside or Inside
Roll Diameter up to (mm) 72
Core Diameter (mm) 25
Variable Length up to (mm) 360
Width up to (mm) 114
Width x Height x Depth (mm) 248W x 395H x 554D
Weight (KG) 21

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