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CCB Heatshrink Adhesive Breakout Boots

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CCB Heatshrink Adhesive Breakout Boots

Our CCB Heat Shrink Breakout Boots are made from a Robust, Cross-Linked Polyolefin. These High-Grade Breakout Boots offer superior mechanical protection and excellent strain relief. With their innovative adhesive lined interior; CCB Breakout Boots offer a long-lasting watertight seal. Perfect for cable jackets & conduit!

Various Sizes & Quantities available.

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From: Excl. VAT: £5.54 Incl. VAT: £6.65

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From: Excl. VAT: £5.54 Incl. VAT: £6.65
Product Info


Heatshrink breakout boots are made of tough, crosslinked polyolefin to provide good mechanical protection and strain relief. CCB breakout boots have an adhesive coating inside the body and the legs to form a durable watertight seal, and shrink tightly to conduits and cable jackets. Ideal for use on poly or elastomeric insulated/jacketed multiconductor cables or cables in metal or plastic conduits.

Features & Benefits

  • Boots for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 way cable breakouts
  • Strain relief and mechanical protection
  • Resistant to common fluids and solvents
  • The thermoplastic adhesive liner provides complete environmental protection and insulation
  • Also available as anti-track medium voltage breakouts & as conductive breakouts
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: -55°C to 100°C
  • Shrink Temperature: 135°C


  • Hot Stamp - Excellent
  • Ink Jet - Excellent
  • Offset - Excellent

Other sizes may be available on request, pending availability. Please contact us on +44(0)1942 723101 or for further information.

  • • Thermoplastic Adhesive Liner provides complete environmental protection & insulation.
  • • Resistant to common fluids & solvents.
  • • Superior strain relief and mechanical protection.
Property Test Method Typical Performance
Tensile Strength ASTM-D 638 (M) 10,0 MPa min.
Elongation n ASTM-D 638 (M) 300% min
Hardness Internal 40 Shore D min.
Tensile Strength after
thermal aging
(120°C, 168 hrs)
ISO - 188 9 Mpa min.
Elongation after thermal
aging (120°C, 168 hrs)
ISO - 188 250% min.
Water absorption ISO-62 1% max.
Dielectric Strength IEC - 243 12 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant IEC - 250/ASTM-D150 5 max.
Resistance to tracking ASTM-D 2303 N/A
Volume Resistivity IEC 93 10^12 x cm
Flammability ESI 09-13 Non flame retardant
Raw Material
Tensile Strength ASTM-D 638 (M) 10 MPa min.
Dielectric Strength ASTM-D 638 (M) 300% min.
Hardness ASTM-D 2240 40 Shore D min

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If you can’t find what you are looking for, or need volume discounts, give us a call on +0044 1942 723101. Our sales team are always happy to help!

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