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Reinforced Flexible Braided PVC Hose Food Grade Non-Phthalate

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Reinforced Flexible Braided PVC Hose Food Grade Non-Phthalate

Our reinforced, flexible, braided PVC hose is specifically designed to transport pressurised liquids, chemicals and gases. It is silicone free, has good UV resistance and self-extinguishing. It has an operating temperature of -20°C to +55°C. This material also complies with FDA and is food/drink safe.

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From: Excl. VAT: £3.41 Incl. VAT: £4.09
Product Info


Reinforced Braided Flexible PVC Hose

Manufactured from non-phthalate material which is free from substances of Very High Concern as described under REACH regulation. The material complies with the migration requirements of 2002/72/EC & its amendments.

Burst Pressure: BSI/Bar = 649/45

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C. Occasional use up to +65°C. Cold bend temperature: -45°C. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Silicone free
  • Cadmium-free
  • Good UV resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Smooth bore allowing excellent flow rate
  • Clear Hose allows full visibility of contents
  • Self-extinguishing does not support combustion

Chemical resistant and suitable for food and drink distribution, our reinforced braided PVC hose is designed to be low maintenance and capable of withstanding high pressures.

Flexible & Durable

Reinforced with polyester yarn. Manufactured from top-quality, crystal clear P.V.C compounds, this product is extremely flexible and comes coupled with a glass finish internal bore allowing for excellent flow rates.

Chemical Resistant

Resistant to a wide range of chemicals our reinforced, branded PVC hose is specifically designed to transport pressurised liquids, chemicals and gases, such as reducing agents, diluted acids and alkalis. Also resistant to waste components such as Urea and Uric Acid at an ambient temperature of 20°C. The flexible PVC is rated as Good with a 15% Sodium Hypochlorite solution (present in liquid bleach) at ambient temperature (20°C) but is rated Poor at 60°C, so temperature must be taken into account when using with such active ingredients. This is also the case for Hydrochloric Acid or Phosphoric Acid (found in some toilet cleaners).

Food Safe

We manufacture with a minimum toxicity PVC to comply with FDA making it ideal for food and drink products and catering use. This product is ‘Food and Drink Approved, with no unwanted odours or flavours

Reliable at High Pressures

Our ply PVC constructed hose is specifically designed to withstand high working pressures. To ensure consistent quality and high standards of all our products. The working pressures are based on the short-term burst pressure at 20°C using a 4 to 1 safety factor. Any increases in temperature above 20°C will affect the short-term burst pressure quoted.

Low Maintenance

The flexible nature of this product allows for an excellent flow rate, which reduces blockages and prevents sediment build up. However, within installations where 90° bends are required could lead to creasing of the hose which in turn could cause a blockage. 



Suggested Applications Factory air supply Hydraulics Pneumatics Coolant Lines Instrumentation Chemical transfer Water & Fluid handling Food Handling & Beverage Lines Materials Handling Compressed Air Crop Spraying
Chemical Resistance: PVC has excellent chemical resistance. It is resistant to: Oxidising agents Reducing agents Dilute acids Dilute alkalis Conformance: The raw materials used have regulatory approval for food contact applications Non-phthalate RoHS & WEEE

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