PTFE Spiral Binding Wrap

PTFE Spiral Biniding (often referred to as Spiral Wrap), is a versatile cable harnessing product originally developed for the aerospace industry. Unlike spiral cut tube, spiral binding has the unique feature of contoured edges, this provides extra rigidity for a smaller cross-sectional area (as weight is often an improtant factor in aerospace or automotive applications).

PTFE Spiral wrap binding is an excellent versatile pliable cable harnessing wrapping product unlike the lesser cheaper option PTFE spiral cut-tubing which can cause chaffing of wires. PTFE Spiralwrap spirals fairly adjustable to meet your stringent requirements, allowing breakouts of single or multiple hardware cables for a greater effect. It has the unique feature of contoured edges which prevents damage to cables, of which spiral cut-tubing does not, it eliminates lacing cord and tie-offs. Can be used in Military, Aerospace, Industrial or Office computer, ISP = Internet Service Providers main frame environments for protective abrasion and breakage on horizontal, vertical or circular glass tubes as the material is very flexible indeed.

Spiral Binding can also be used for colour coding and abrasion resistance.

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