CTPA Pro Nylon Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack Size 25 - (Polyimide 6)

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CTPA Pro Nylon Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack Size 25 - (Polyimide 6)
Supplied as 21.5mm I/D (25.4mm O/D) - 10 mtrs of Conduit Tubing, 10 pcs - Adaptor Body, 10 pcs - Cap Nut, 10 pcs - Sealing Ring, 10 pcs - Lock Nut
1 pack
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CTPA Flexible Conduit Contractor Pack Size 25 - High Quality British Made

This product is used extensively in the Electrical and Communication industry to provide containment, separation and protection for electrical cables and sensitive data cables. Particularly useful in situations where a flexible approach is required due to installation restrictions.

Contractor pack


  • 10 mtrs - Flexible Nylon (Polyimide 6) Conduit Tubing size 25
  • 10 pcs - Adaptor Body
  • 10 pcs - Cap Nut
  • 10 pcs - Sealing Ring
  • 10 pcs - Lock Nut



  • Nylon (Polyimide 6) - British Made - Not the cheaper material that can be less robust, such as Asian import.
  • Halogeneous and Cadmium Free
  • UV Steady as well as being Halogen Free (Excellent UV Resistant)
  • Low Smoke
  • Self-Extinguishing
  • Extremely tough and has high impact strength and fatigue life
  • Crush Resistant


Corrugated tubes are made of Polyimide 6, which is modified with a special heat stabilizer, in order to achieve a particularly high heat deflection temperature. CTPA corrugated tubes are both halogeneous and cadmium-free along with UV Steady.

Nylon 6 is far tougher, has better crush resistance and has a higher tolerance to all the elements than the far more commonly utilised Polypropylene Conduit. All in all this results in better value for money, harder wearing and ultimately a far longer lasting Conduit Tubing.


Our Conduit / Convoluted Tubing is of High Quality and Low Cost that gives you the best results every time. For further information please contact our sales team.

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