Flexible Conduit / Convoluted Tubing and Fixings

One of the cheapest, easiest and still one of the best ways of protecting your cables from harm, conduit tubing will keep your cables organised and safe. Hilltop Products stocks one of the biggest ranges of conduit tubing on the web, with a range of solutions to fit any environment. 

Whether you need high-impact or a high degree of flexibility, short conduit parts or a large circumference, you will find what you need in our online store. Hilltop Products offer free delivery on all orders over £50 and prices are negotiable on bulk purchases. For more information on the products or on bulk buying discounts please contact the sales team. Call: 01942 723101

K Type Carrier Strip

‘K Type’ labelling for conduit tubing is available. Learn more here >>

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Conduit tubing is ideal for bundling groups of cables together and protecting them from disaster. Conduit tubing comes in different styles, suitable for different environments and applications.

Convoluted/ Flexible tubing

Lightweight convoluted tubing is cheap and easy to install and provides protection from crushing and other mechanical processes. The flexible tubes are will not snap to expose wires. They are also easy to install in the cramped environments where you normally find bundled wires and cables.

Hilltop Products stocks a huge range of convoluted, flexible and corrugated tubing. For advice on which one to choose, contact a member of the sales team. Call: 01942 723101

Orange conduit tubing

Orange conduit tubing is usually used to signify high voltage wiring and cables. They are often used in hybrid and electric vehicle engines but also signify danger in other environments.

K-Type labelling

K-Type labelling can be used to label conduit flexible tubing, to let operatives, repairmen and emergency services know what’s inside. The convenient kits come with letters and strips to help make labels that won’t just peel off or fade after a year of use.

High impact rigid tubing

As well as flexible conduit tubing, Hilltop Products also stock super high impact resistant uPVC tubing that can be used for bundling and protecting cables. These heavy gauge conduits are designed to accommodate local thermal expansion and contraction. The coefficient of linear expansion: 7.0 x 10 -5°C to 60°C. This conduit is manufactured to BS4607-5, BS EN 50086-2-1 and BS EN 61386-21 standards

Hilltop Products CTPA Flexible Convoluted / Conduit tubing is lightweight and simple to install, is designed for cable bundling, mechanical protect...

Orange is the colour for high voltage wiring and cables and it has been adopted by the major engine manufacturers.

Polypropylene convoluted tubing is simple to install and designed for cable bundling and mechanical protection. Now Available to Buy Online.

High Quality with good crush resistance, Jumbo / Large Corrugated Conduit / Convoluted tubing made of a modified polypropylene.

Super Flexible HNC Conduit operating even at low temperatures for increased application range

These fittings are designed to snap together over all types of slit and unslit conduit thus maintaining maximum conduit bore.

A wide range of sealed fittings for various applications that are designed for use with all types of slit and unslit conduit.

Cable Cleats secure and restrain cables in long runs when bolted to a mounting surface. Protect cables from damage, vibration, and chafing due to e...

Super high impact conduit tubing for hazardous worksite conditions. Provides heavy duty cable protection with heavy gauge construction

PTFE Smooth Bore Conduit is a new revolutionary solution in preventing kinks and is more easily flexible

CTPA Conduit / Convoluted Contractor packs used extensively in the Electrical and Communication industry to provide containment, s....

Flexible Conduit Contractor packs ideal for Panel Builders and Equipment Manufacturers as well as Electrical and Communication ind...

This product is ideal to interface our Superseal connectors with our black CTPA conduit, this helps to protect the cable from dirt and other types ...

Hilltop products Conduit Applicator and KwikCut CuttingTools makes your job much easier!! No Painfull finger cuts when using these products!! Appli...

Conduit Fastener P Clips for attaching CTPA Conduit to walls, ceilings, tarps etc

Hilltop's Polypropylene Flexible White Convoluted/Conduit Tubing is a lightweight, simple solution for cable bundling & safety. Commonly used in Ho...

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