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Hilflex SD350 Natural Silicone Coated Glass Sleeving Size 10mm Bore

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Hilflex SD350 Natural Silicone Coated Glass Sleeving Size 10mm Bore
Silicone coated glass braided sleeving.
50mtr pack - See below for more options
Excl. VAT: £89.90 Incl. VAT: £107.88

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Excl. VAT: £89.90 Incl. VAT: £107.88
Product Info


Widely used in Class C rated traction motors and transformers for the insulation of winding lead outs and joints and as additional protection over cables. Hilflex SD350 is used as additional protection where plastic insulated wiring cables enter the hot region of light fittings.

  • Hilflex SD350 - (Electric Strength 0.8kV Class C 220'C)
  • Supplied in Natural as Standard


Features and Benefits:

Hilflex SD350 insulating sleevings are manufactured from braided 'E' glass yarn impregnated with a silicone resin. The specially formulated silicone resin is applied as an aqueous solution and hence the manufacturing process has no significant environmental hazard.

The minimum size of the glass yarn filaments is greater than 9 microns and offers no health hazard from inhalation. It is capable of continuous performance at 250'C and will tolerate short term operation up to 450'C.

At temperatures greater than 300'C the silicone resin will be volatilized but will not leave a carbonaceous and conducting residue. Hence, providing the products are not subjected to excessive flexing, the glass sleeving will continue to offer air gap electric strength in dry conditions.

Heavy duty applications requiring increase heat resistance
Hilflex SD350 - (Electric Strength 0.8kV Class C 220'C) Supplied in Natural as Standard

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