Expandable Braided Sleevings - HILFLEX-PG


Expandable braided sleeving is the best protection for hydraulic hoses, tubes and wiring harnesses. The interwoven mesh material provides a high degree of abrasion resistance in tough environments.


The flexible expandable material maintains a high degree of stability, even at high temperatures.



Hilflex PG - product overview


  • Self-extinguishing close weave sleeve provides excellent heat protection in tough environments.
  • Manufactured from UL Rated and halogen free polyethylene terephthalate monofilaments.
  • Material retains roundness, making it perfect for manufacturing wiring looms, especially when connected to moving parts. 
  • Expansion up to 300% and safe operating temperature range of between -70°C and +150°C.


Hilflex PG is resistant against mechanical abrasion and repeated flexing, which makes it ideal for tough environments. The monofilaments are resistant to salt water, oils and most common fuels and solvents.


Expandable sleeving is used extensively as a harness sleeve, with the braid’s open construction allowing branch terminations to be made through the sleeve wall.


Hilflex braided sleeving can be cut using the hot melt method. This melts the monofilaments during the cutting action, bonding the braid crossover points and preventing fraying of the cut end.

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