Range of Printed Cable Ties

Being able to identify and trace cables is vitally important in many working environments. Customisable printed cable ties can help speed up installation, maintenance and help make systems safe and compliant.


Hilltop Products stocks a full range of cable ties that come pre-printed or which can be specially customised by the customer. They make identifying critical cables quick and easy – including in sensitive electrical applications where a ‘live’ warning tag could save a life.


Numbered Cable Ties

Numbered cable ties will make life much easier for maintenance teams and auditors in the future. Cable ties that have been printed with a serial number make it much easier to trace a trail of cables. Identifiable number sequences can also be achieved using easy push-fit cable markers, which have lower tooling costs. Push-fit markers can also be printed with bar codes or logos for more flexibility in cable identification systems.


Printed cable ties are available with a wide range of customisation options and are widely used in defence, automotive, rail, marine and other industrial environments, helping to increase safety and efficiency.


Free delivery is available on all orders over £50, and even customised labels can be delivered quickly. Please speak to a member of the sales team about delivery schedules on these products. Call: 01924 723 101. 


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FAST Turnaround! - Nylon Printed Cable Ties - Chose your TEXT, NUMBER, Sequential Numbers or Mixture and simply BUY ONLINE!

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