Prysmian R391 Electrical Weatherproof Compound

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Prysmian R391 Electrical Weatherproof Compound

Prysmian R391 Electrical Weatherproof Compound prevents short circuits due to damp environment, it also prevents corrosion of electrical contacts in commercial or industrial surroundings and seals areas that are usually difficult finish, for example cable entries, screw threads and covers of electrical equipment etc...

R391 can also be used for lots of applications not related to electrics, very useful when a good water seal is needed that will not harden and is re-workable.Save when you buy 5kg!

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Prysmian R391 Weatherproof Plastic Compound is made of an inert filler discharged in a plastic base. The compound is incredibly repelent to water permeation, acids and alkalis in liquid or vapour form under usual conditions. It has no destroying effect on metals, plastics, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, PVC or other cable materials. It can be used to seal cable ends or cable entries to enclosures. Prysmian R391 is coloured reddish brown and has an unlimited shelf life under usual conditions of wrapping and storage. Not resilient to oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Ideal for use in maintenance purposes where cables may have to be removed and replaced at regular intervals. Soft enough to mould around intricate contours or pressed into fine cavities, it has the ability to resist the dislodging effects of vibration and prevent moisture creepage.

Further Information:

  • Plastic weatherproof sealing compound
  • Does not harden when exposed to sunlight
  • Protects exposed terminals against corrosion
  • Great for difficult to seal areas
  • Excellent adhesion to metal, wood, plastic, rubber, PVC etc
  • Works in temperatures between -20 and +80 degrees C
  • Vibration resistant
  • Long shelf life when stored as per reccomendation
  • Stops moisture entrance
  • Easily Moulded
  • Easily Removed
The prevention of electrical leakage on circuits doe to dampness and the protection of the electrical contacts against corrosion The sealing of irregular openings, cable entries, screw threads and covers of electrical equipment Useful filler of junction boxes and can also be used for many non electrical applications whenever a reliable non hardening moister or water seal is required
R391 Compound
Specific Gravity 1.7 g/cm3
Flash Point +210 deg C
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 deg C
Volume Resistivity at 20 deg C (ASTM D257:1975) 2.8 x 10(12) Ohm - m
Colour Reddish Brown
Electrical Breakdown at 20 deg C 18 kV / mm

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