Tapes (inc Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tape)

Our cable bundling solutions include a wide variety of tapes for insulation, jointing and repair. Purchase the tapes you need today.


We offer a large range of adhesive tapes and heat shrink tape and all have been manufactured by the biggest and most reliable players in the industry. The collection includes adhesive lined heat shrink tape made from plastic, cloth and fleece harness tapes, copper foil tapes and knitted wire mesh tape. PVC tape is also available.


Buy any of the cable bundling solutions available at Hilltop, including heat shrink tape, and get next day delivery on the things you need. If you spend more than £50 on adhesive lined tape and the rest of your order, everything you select will be free.

Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tape available in different sizes for various application ranges. Available to Buy Online!

Range of Self Adhesive Cloth and Fleece Harness Tapes used for wrapping type applications. Available to Buy Online for Next Day Delivery!!!

Hilltop Products PVC Electrical Insulation Tape is for electrical splicing and general electrical insulation work. Flame retardant to BS 3924.

Our self amalgamating halogen-free tape maintains a tight insulation buildup for void-free electrical stability and permanent resistance to moistur...

High strength, self-adhesive Scotch 23 EPDM tape for use in cable reconstitution, soldering protection, waterproofing and many more applications

Suitable for jointing and repair of a wide range of power and distribution cables up to 36kV.

Silicone Tape is used for sealing, connecting and finishing the cut ends of sleeves exposed to high temperature.

35 Micron copper foil coated with an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive supplied on a removable silicone liner.

A range of tapes available from Raychem including busbar HVBT tape, heat shrinkable S1030 tape and S1085 mastic tape. Suits a variety of applications

Pyrotape is a flexible knitted glass fibre tape, heavily coated in high-grade silicone rubber. It can withstand intense heat and flame and sheds mo...

This floor tape is available in a variety of colours, ideal for marking out specific walkways or hazard areas.

SlipWay Cable Cover Tape is a heavy duty, puncture resistant gaffer/cloth tape. This tape only has adhesive along the edges, allowing cables to be ...

Quick, easy and endlessly reusable magnetic tape. Can be written on with any standard dry wipe pen and cleaned with a wipe from a cloth.

Hilltop Products Mesh tape has a number of applications but is mainly for EMC / RFI screening of electrical power, control, data and communication ...

Non Stick PTFE Telon Tape. Provides protective coating to various applications. Easy to apply and low cost.

This woven tape finish provides excellent substrate to promote good adhesion of varnishes and resins. Maximum short term temperature: 500°C.

Offers high tensile strength due to the high glass loading in the warp direction and maintains this property also at elevated temperatures.

Bus Bar Tape is a heat shrinkable tape specifically designed for insulation and protecting medium voltage bus bar connections, where tubing cannot ...

The Acrylic Adhesive Coated Nomex® Tape is a durable adhesive tape known for it's excellent thermal stability, adhesiveness & ductility....

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