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Beaded Reusable Click Cable Ties

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Beaded Reusable Click Cable Ties

Our beaded reusable cable ties are ideal for temporary fastening solutions. 

With their unique design, they can be released and reused as often as you want. Our Beaded cable ties are environmentally friendly, minimizing waste whilst retaining a good affordable price.

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From: Excl. VAT: £4.15 Incl. VAT: £4.98
Product Info


Re-Usable Beaded Click Cable Tie

Beaded cable ties are an excellent lightweight cable tie solution due to their unique reusable nature. Beaded cable ties make use of a unique design that allows them to be released and reused as often as you want, unlike standard cable ties that have to be cut off if you want them removed, . There's also no mechanical release mechanism that can break down or break off of the zip tie.

Beaded cable ties have a locking head with two holes of different sizes. The beads of the tie can pass through the larger hole, and once the desired size is reached the smaller space between the beads can be pushed down into the smaller hole in the locking head. This effectively locks the cable tie into place, but at any time the tail can be pushed back out of the smaller hold to be released or adjusted.

Standard reusable beaded cable ties are constructed from polyethene, which is generally the preferred plastic material for beaded cable ties. Polyethene sacrifices some amount of tensile strength in exchange for greater flexibility. With a polyethene beaded zip tie, it is easier to wrap the tie more tightly around smaller diameters. Polyethene also stays more flexible compared to nylon, which becomes rigid and brittle over time.

To use a beaded cable tie, first, wrap the tie around the wires or whatever else you are securing. For bundles of wires, it is often desirable to wrap the cable tie tail around multiple times. Then feed the tip of the tail through the opening in the locking head and slide it down into the smaller hole.

Beaded cable ties offer a lightweight and reusable cable securing solution.


  • • Securing Cables & Leads, excellent for gigging musicians.
  • • Server Room Cable Management
  • • Gardening & Allotments
  • • Power Tool Cables

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