Linkable & Standard Floor Cable Cover

D-Line Floor Cable Covers do as the name suggests – hides cables across floors! – so eliminating common trip hazards. The Cover is only 65mm wide and has a low tapered profile. The tapering gives a stylish design.

When rolled out across the floor the Cable Cover can be neat and unobtrusive, making a popular choice for exhibition halls, offices and retail premises, public areas and gymnasiums – wherever cables trail across floors!

Floor Cable Cover is very durable too. It is abrasion resistant and will not discolour by sunlight. Being pre-split on the underside makes the cover simple to use. Two common flex-type cables can easily be accommodated.

Available in Black as a standard in 1.8m (6') lengths, scissors can cut the cover strip to required length. If preferred, the flat base can be attached to a floor using double sided tape.

Medium Duty Floor Cable Cover - Linkable

All Medium Duty types have a (patent-pending) feature of being linkable, making them uniquely versitile. Each length is supplied with 2 ribbed connector pins. Simply push these connector pins ino pin holes to join 2 or more lengths, to make the run as long as required! Pull apart to release if necessary.

The ribbed back makes the lengths non-slip, so saving the need for adhesive tape, while the pre-split makes installation quick and easy.

Floor Cable Cover Before

Floor Cable Cover Application Floor Cable Cover After

Floor Cable Cover Velcro Carpet Wrap

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