Battery and Welding Cable, Heavy Duty Jump Leads

Hilltop Products stocks a range of heavy-duty cables that are suitable for battery and welding purposes in harsh working environments. These heavy-duty cables are resistant to petrol, lubricating oils and diluted acids. They are flexible and rated between 110 and 445 Amps, giving you a broad range of choice for your particular use of the cable.


In the battery cable section, you will also find high-grade copper crimping lugs which are suitable for battery applications. Also included in this section, you will find heavy-duty professional battery jump leads which are suitable for larger vehicles with a battery start-up power of up to 600 Amps. Manufactured from high-grade multi-strand copper conductors and sheathed in flexible PVC, these are perfect if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.


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Twinflex is a highly flexible PVC insulated cable offered in both 35mm and 50mm diameters on 25M length reels.

Single insulated extra flexible battery/welding cables designed for use in tough working environments.

PVC-coated cable with heavy duty, corrosion-resistant, spring-loaded connectors. Suitable for larger vehicles with a battery start-up power of up t...

Flat Braids are used as earthing straps and in numerous electrical components.

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