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Universal Black Budget Internal Cable Protector 22 x 8mm

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Universal Black Budget Internal Cable Protector 22 x 8mm
Highly economical way to prevent your cables from becoming a tripping hazard in the home or workplace.
3mtr pack - See options for more pack sizes
Excl. VAT: £33.88 Incl. VAT: £40.66

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Excl. VAT: £33.88 Incl. VAT: £40.66
Product Info


The cable protector is easy to install and can be cut at the base to allow cable to be inserted. The product is fire and shock retardant and does not have unpleasant smells being made of highly flexible PVC rather than rubber - which also makes the product very durable. Along with cable tidies, they are a very cost effective cable safety solution. 

Exposed cables often prove to be trip hazards at the workplace. In addition, the cables themselves are susceptible to damage if left exposed, especially if they run across walkways or corridors. The universal budget internal cable protector affords full protection and safety – both for the cables as well as for people who regularly cross over them. These cable protectors have gently sloped edges to allow feet, chairs or trolleys to pass over in complete safety. Our cable protectors are easy to install: just make a slit at the base of the protector to allow the cables to be inserted and place it right there on the floor or carpet. There’s no need to actually run the cables through during installation. Just slit and place, and your cables (and people) are well-protected.

The budget internal cable protector is an ideal choice whether it is a question of protecting one cable, or a set of cables.  Many of our customers consider this product to be the most economical way of protecting their office staff from tripping over cables. In case of a fire, our cable protectors produce much smaller amounts of smoke and smell compared to cable protectors made of rubber.

These universal budget internal cable protectors are essential wherever there are exposed wires and cables that could prove to be trip hazards. In addition to safety, these protectors help keep your cords organized and tangle-free, and help you get rid of “the cluttered look.” At home, exposed wires are not only unseemly and inconvenient, but it is a major safety concern where smaller children or pets are involved. These cable protectors can prevent accidents by keeping both your cables and your loved ones safer.

  • For use in the home or office
  • Can be safely stepped across, even suitable for small trolleys
  • Provides protection to cables housed inside
  • Removes health and safety concerns associated with trailing cables across the floor
High-grade, flexible PVC. Gently slopped edges allow people, castor chairs, hand trucks and trolleys to pass over safely and easily. Large central chamber is suitable for multiple cables. Made of fire retardant PVC with no rubbery odor. 80mm wide and 14mm high.

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