Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing
Adhesive Heat Shrinks including: ATUM, DWTC, WCSM, MWTM, HTAT, XCSM and Much More!

ATUM has an internal adhesive coating that, when heated, melts and flows to form a positive environmental barrier to prevent moisture penetration.

Dual wall tubing that provides moisture proof encapsulation of an electrical splice, buy online for next day delivery!

DWTC is a flexible, heatshrinkable, dual wall tubing with an integrally bonded meltable adhesive inner liner designed to offer moisture proof encap...

Variety of low voltage electrical and mechanical applications, where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important, buy online for next day ...

Semirigid Encapsulant-lined Polyolefin Tubing. While still hot, the tubing can be blocked to form a wire breakout.

Raychem WCSM is a heat-shrinkable heavy-wall tubing for insulating and sealing power cables and accessories.

Flame Retardant Black Semi-Flexible Dual-Wall Heat Shrink. Designed to provide environmental sealing for a range of substrates, at elevated tempera...

RPPM is a flexible, heatshrinkable, dual wall tubing with an integrally bonded meltable adhesive liner, buy online for next day delivery!

High performance thick wall heat-shrinkable Raychem tubing. Coated internally with adhesive to provide high corrosion and mechanical performance.

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