TE Connectivity / Raychem Heat Shrink Products

Well known for their quality, TE Connectivity heat shrink tubes are available to buy from Hilltop Products online shop. Raychem brand heat shrink tubes, supplied by TE Connectivity, are useful in different high pressure environments.


Made to last, Raychem heat shrink products are made from durable materials and are perfect for thermal and electricity management.


TE Connectivity is a global leader in security and fire prevention systems. TE Connectivity was formed when Tyco international split into three separate companies. The Tyco/Raychem range includes high quality heat shrink tubing, adhesive lined heat shrink and heat guns, as well as accessories like mastic tapes and connectors.


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Cross Reference Guide

Vast range of TE Connectivity Premiuim heat shrinks, including: DR-25, RNF100, RNF3000, RBK-ILS, ZHTM and Much More!!

Adhesive Heat Shrinks including: ATUM, DWTC, WCSM, MWTM, HTAT, XCSM and Much More!

Bus Bar protection tubing and tapes provide insulation enhancement and protection against flashover and accidentally induced discharge.

Robust, high quality Thermal Transfer printers from TE Connectvity / Raychem. Approved for use on a wide variety of heat shrink material and labels

Raychem terminations, solderless earth springs, three core armoured gland and cold applied boot kits all available from stock, buy online for next ...

Hilltop Products O-type cable marker is a thin walled, plasticized PVC marker which is ideally suited to high density wiring applications.

The Critchley Z-type cable marker has been designed to allow each size of marker to fit a wide range of cables.

Raychem Heavy Duty Heat Gun - CV1981 Mk2 / Triac S. The gun is a perfect Heavy Duty Hot Air Hand Tool for high quality work, buy online for next da...

Heat nozzles for Raychem Heat Guns. Providing a greater application range for the impressive line up of Raychem heat guns available.

Raychem CRSM Heat-shrinkable Halogen-free Wraparound System for plastic for metal sheathed cable repair.

Raychem Rayrim is an extruded strip internally coard with a heat activated adhesive, so that on heating the profile changes from a V to a U section...

Similar to TMS / RPS - This High Quality Polyolefin Heat Shrink is supplied Flat on continuous spools, making it the ideal solution for printing on.

Adhesive Lined Heat Shrinkable PD Caps that remain tightly in place, manufactured from radiation-crosslinked polyolefin, buy online for next day de...

TMS-SCE marker sleeves are designed to meet the wire and cable marking needs of manufacturers with high performance requirements.

General purpose and High temperature Raychem / TE Connectivity Heatshrink Transition Boots for all types of applications.

Developed for aerospace/military requirements in applications of high density and complex circuitry, these cable and wires are available to Buy Onl...

Raychem adhesive coated, heat-shrinkable sheet HVIS provides insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced discharge

TE Connectivity supply a range of tapes from Polyimide Film tape, Red Mastic Tape and Heat Shrink Hot Melt Tape. See the range here, available toi ...

Easy-to-use resin epoxy kit for use on a wide range of materials and applications. Comes with duo-applicator to eliminate need for mixing.

TE Connectivity Heat Shrink Solder Sleeves, Connectors and Splices

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