D-Line Cable Tidy Solutions

D-Line manufacture a range of sleek, stylish and highly functional cable management products to help make cable clutter a thing of the past at home and in the workplace. Whether its computer wires cluttering desks, TV wires hugging walls or telephone cables crossing the floor – D-Line has made the perfect solution. And it is available from Hilltop Products’ online shop at the best price.


Perfect for:

  • Safety
  • Style
  • Organisation


A D-Line cable tidy makeover will make your home entertainment centre cleaner, your office more professional and your wire-based OCD a bit more relaxed.


D-Line Cable Tidy Units

Hide your socket extension lead with a D-Line cable tidy unit. Designed to hold four and six port extension leads, these units are made for style and practicality. They look like they were designed by Apple and make the perfect tidy companion to your television, media centre or office corner. Hide your plugs today.

D-Line Wall Cable trunking

D-Line cable trunking attaches to the wall easily to hide away any messy wires that currently hug the wall of your living room or office. The trunking is a neutral white but can be easily painted to match with any colour scheme.

D-Line Floor Cable Cover

Eliminate trip hazards with high quality D-Line branded floor cable covering. Whether to comply with health and safety regulations, or just to stop wires getting caught beneath the wheels of your office chair, D-Line’s single or fix-together floor covering is the perfect solution.

Cable and plug identification stickers

A range of labelled and colour coded stickers to make sure you don’t unplug the wrong appliance at the wrong moment. 

D-Line Cable Tidy Units have been developed to hide socket extension blocks and cable clutter. Ideal for offices and home, the units are designed t...

D-Line specially designed trunking (D-Shaped!) that blends with decor so cables disappear.

D-Line Floor Cable Cover does at its name suggests – hides cables across floors! – so eliminating common trip hazards. Being pre-split on the under...

D-Line Plug and Cable I.D Kit makes it very easy to identify plugs and cables. The Plug labels eliminate the risk of switching off, or removing, th...

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