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CuTex TBC-50H Automatic Ribbon Tape and Webbing Hot Knife

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CuTex TBC-50H Automatic Ribbon Tape and Webbing Hot Knife

Built wih optimal performance in mind, this machine offers an adjustable temerature and automaically stops when the end of the material is reached.

The Cutex TBC-50H is bench mountable, compact and functions without the need of an operator nearby.  With button switching, you can cut strip tapes automatically and neatly and with a cutting width of upto 90mm, a wide range of materials can be cut using it!

See our Video Link Below for a Demo of the Machine in Action!

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This machine is also available for Hire with an option to purchase the machine after the hire period. It can be hired with a small deposit and weekly payments. Please contact our sales team or fill out our Hire Form by clicking on the button above for more details. UK Delivery and Collection service available, price on request.

Excl. VAT: £4,499.00 Incl. VAT: £5,398.80
Product Info


TBC-50H - A reliable, easy-to-use and compact heat cutter for hot cutting, works on webbings, ribbon, braided sleeving and tubings.

Built with an adjustable temperature to provide optimal performance and automatic job stop when the end of the material is reached. Because the hot knife melts the end of the tape/material, cutting is sealed neatly without fraying.

This cutter has a maximum cutting width of 90mm allowing the potential for a wide range of materials to be cut using it. Materials can also be cut parallel to each other to increase productivity. There is also an emergency stop button. 


  • Reliable heat cutter for basic hot cutting works
  • Cut length is accurate owing to a stepping motor
  • For light and medium synthetic webbing and tubing
  • Set-length, set-qty & set-speed are not erased even if machine is reset.
  • Adjustable cutting temperature
  • Max. cutting width 90mm
  • Auto-stop on end of material
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design

With this Hot Knife Cutting Machine, we sell a range of high-quality accessories that serve as perfect replacements or back-ups for your Machine. Please see the Accessories section below to see what Accessories we currently offer for this machine.


  • Top & Bottom Rollers - Click HERE
  • Sensors - Click HERE
  • Elements - Click HERE


Cutting Knife: Hot-cutting (250-400°C)
Max. Cutting Width: 90mm
Speed: 120 - 140 cuts/min (50mm)
Range of Cutting Length:     15mm~300mtr
Weight: ca. 25kg
Accuracy: Stepping motor ensures precise length
Cutting Type: Sealed neatly with fraying
Parallel Cutting: Several strips parallel
Temperature: Controller via electronic control panel
Automatic Operation: Length, quantity & speed can be saved
Auto-stop: Auto-stops when material depleted
Memory: Length, quantity & speed can be saved
Multiple Knife Stroke: Possible to have multiple knife strokes


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