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K-Type Cable Markers

K Type Marker Spec SheetLarge oval marker for direct marking of cables or for use with carrier strips.

  • Oval combination marker, used for cable and wire marking, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic applications.
  • For larger diameters the K-Type marker is used in conjunction with our Carrier strips, enabling any size of cable or pipe to be marked.
  • Specially designed oval profile eases installation and means the marker maintains its position when fitted.
  • Designed to interlock — enabling easy alignment of multiple character markings.
  • Suitable for cable diameters up to 7.0mm (cable size 4.0 - 6.0mm²).


K-Type markers are extruded plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PPVC) profiles for identification of wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits using individual characters. The characters slide on to a plastic carrier which is then attached using cable ties. K-Type markers are ideal for identification after cable, pipe etc installation or where identification retrofit is anticipated.

The elliptical marker profile allows easy fitting to carrier strips, and contains large characters for good legibility

Sevice Temperature range: -45°C to +70°C

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